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DOECAA 2021 Webinar
October 20-21, 2021
Noon-3:00 PM each day

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Welcome to DOECAA!

Our Mission:

The goal of the Department of Energy Contractor Attorneys' Association ("DOECAA"), Inc. is to improve and promote the professional development of members and associate members in federal contract law applicable to DOE contractors through conferences, seminars, and workshops.

DOECAA Inc. will educate its membership in the history of DOE contracts as well as in the theory, practice, administration and policy surrounding this area of federal contract law. DOECAA, Inc. will seek to improve the functioning of DOE prime contractors, first tier subcontractors, and their attorneys through attention to legislative and regulatory developments, through objective evaluation of such developments, and through the communication, to members, associate members, the government, and the interested public, of the results of DOECAA, Inc. evaluation and deliberation.

As a focal point for the timely examination of new legal issues as they confront the DOE contractor and first tier subcontractor community, DOECAA, Inc. will solicit and present the multiplicity of views that exist within the DOE contractor and first tier subcontractor community and thus identify, clarify, and help resolve legal concerns of prime contractors, first tier subcontractors, and lay persons involved in DOE contracting. DOECAA, Inc. will welcome and encourage member involvement and foster opportunities for member and associate member participation and professional growth.

Services to Our Members and Associates:

DOECAA hosts two conferences each year to provide its members and associates with seminars and workshops on a variety of issues unique to the Department of Energy Contractors.  These conferences are designed to provide participants continuing education credits.  DOECAA also provides its members and associates with documents and other materials that may be of interest. 

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